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Wednesday, September 14th 2020 /



Alberta, Saskatchewan & Montana

NCA is proud of its family-style relationships established in each farming community where we participate. Our grower relationships represent over 1,000,0000 Acres of land dedicated to growing agricultural crops that span three provinces and states across both Canada and the US.

The value of such diversity and scale of our farming geographic access is “Supply Security”. NCA provides this security with an un-matched record as a trusted supplier of honouring all its contractual commitments to our customers globally through the past decade.

The important question you must consider is why is this relevant to you?

The successful growth of pulses and specially chickpeas is based on a multitude of agronomical and climate-based factors. The quality, quantity, appearance as well as the nutritional value of a chickpea is impacted each year by such factors. As a customer and user of pulses whether as an ingredient in your food manufacturing process or as a whole bean to sell at your wholesale location, knowing that our farming communities proudly stand behind each sale contract will provide you with un-matched confidence, consistency and supply security to meet your long term needs.

Partnering with NCA as a customer is partnering with farming families ready to grow and serve your needs.

Food Safety & Traceability is our Promise.

Food Safety & Traceability in our business stems from the word “Pride”. NCA’s philosophy is to view every sale NOT as a transaction but as supplying nutrition to families. It is under this concept that NCA’s processing partners have adopted the science of Food Safety & Traceability at every level of grain movement from Farm to Delivery.

Our processing partnerships are 100% grower owned facilities, SQF and HAACP certified with best in industry GMPS (Good Manufacturing Practices) at each level of grain handling. From Farm delivery vehicle inspections, segregated storage of grains, pest control management, hourly quality pick sheets monitoring the processing of grain and official third-party quality inspections all rendering into a Food Safe process.

Traceability is adopted at our company as a fundamental part of our product quality offering. At NCA every Load that ships out is traceable to the farm where it was grown providing customers oversight to the beginning of the process.

Together with our processing partnerships, the NCA represents over 40,000 MT of shipped chickpeas, lentils, beans and ingredients.


NCA Annual Customer Appreciation Tour – A Walk to Remember

Transparency and education are proven methods of creating genuine business relationships that last the test of time. Both attributes are core values in NCA’s approach in building partnerships with its customers globally.

The world of pulses is an evolving science where nature, machine and consumer appetite together drive innovation. The NCA welcomes to share the knowledge of the farm, of processing and of its quality management with its core customers in all segments with the intention that such education and knowledge will drive better and healthier business dealings in the longer term.

Our company presents this knowledge in the most exciting and dynamic event annually through our Customer Appreciation tour which takes our trusted customers from around the world through the life of the supply chain with in-person meetings with farmers, inspecting crops with their own hands, understanding the nuances of the complex logistics infrastructure and witnessing first hand the level of machinery investment involved in bringing raw pulses to the customers specifications.

The NCA welcomes you to experience the difference of our knowledge-based approach to sales and relationships.


Our brand portfolio is strategically devised based on product quality, end market requirements as well as specialty varieties. The NCA’s brands have garnered global recognition based on consistency of product year over year. What makes our brands successful is the commitment of the people standing behind it.

As with all members of the NCA our trademarked brands are our promise of quality!



They say knowledge is power. The NCA carries a breadth of knowledge on the global chickpea markets stemming from deep rooted networks in each chickpea producing country of the World.

Together with a hands-on approach to examining Canadian production the NCA translates its market perspective into its consultative approach to sales which customers around the world trust and rely on daily.