Single Pulse Kibbels

Pulses with their exceptional binding attributes is a preferred ingredient used in the Pre-Extrusion Blending process of several food manufacturing sectors today. NCA with it’s exclusive processing partners supplies Single-Pulse based Kibbels which are ground pulses made into granular formations based on the customer’s spec sheet. Whether used as an ingredient to improve texture or to achieve blending efficiencies or to meet Nutritional Value of a specific product recipe, the NCA brings the right expertise in Kibbels to meet your manufacturing needs.

Custom Nutrition

Our Pre-mix Kibbel is a blended product targeting the more complex product recipes of niche food manufacturers. With experience & technique, we supply endless permutations of blends between beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas in ratios to meet our customer spec sheet. Our Custom Nutrition Pre-Mix is a specialty offering proven to bring cost savings by allowing food manufacturers to achieve a more efficient blending process.

De-hulled Pulses

A de-hulled pulse is simply put a bean, lentil, pea or chickpea with its skin removed used in Flour Manufacturing. With tremendous growth in pulse flour ingredients used in the food space the NCA is poised to offer our de-hulled pulses including Faba Beans to millers in North America, Europe and the rest of the World.

Industry Affiliations