Single Pulse Kibbels

Pulses with their exceptional binding attributes is a preferred ingredient used in the Pre-Extrusion blending process in several food manufacturing sectors. We supply single-pulse based Kibbels which are ground pulses made into granular formations based on the customer’s spec sheet. Pulse Kibbels are used as a functional ingredient to improve texture or to achieve blending efficiencies. They are also used as a Nutritional ingredient to improve nutrition content on product labels.

Custom Nutrition

Our Pre-Mix Kibbel is a blended ground product targeting the more complex product recipes of niche food manufacturers. With experience & technique, we supply endless permutations of granular blends between beans, lentils, chickpeas, and peas in ratios to meet our customers nutritional spec sheet. Our Pre-Mix Kibbel also delivers potential cost savings to food manufacturers by achieving a more efficient blending process.

De-hulled Pulses

A de-hulled pulse is simply put a bean, lentil, pea or chickpea with its skin removed. The primary usages are for for Milling – Flour manufacturing. Our offering includes partially de-hulled or fully de-hulled chickpeas or other pulses for millers in North America and abroad.

Industry Affiliations