Processing Facilities

The NCA partners with multiple Grower owned facilities through exclusive distributorship, share-ownership and lease agreements that cover major specialty crop growing regions in North America providing our customers with the promise of secure and reliable supply.

With over 40,000 MT of combined processing and loading capacity, HAACP and SQF Certified, customers are assured of our commitment to the highest standards of Food Safety & Traceability.

At a facility processing level, product for manufacturing clients is cleaned through a dual step system, colour sorted for perfection, de-stoned and passed over magnets prior to packaging in bags, totes or bulk to meet our customer’s desired quality and delivery specifications.

Grower Partnerships

Our core strength is derived from our deep rooted and genuine relationships with North American farming communities spanning 3 major growing provinces and states. Our generational producers represent over a Million Acres of agricultural land providing steady access to a vast variety of chickpeas as well as other specialty crops.

With a trusted network of grower partnerships, the NCA has a unique ability to provide innovative seed growing programs for our long-standing manufacturing clients through new crop contracting opportunities, longer term purchase contracts providing price security and exclusive farm tours to inspect crop progress.

International Regions

The South American market is a diverse Chickpea consuming market mainly serviced by geographically closer supply origins including Argentina and Mexico. The primary usage of Chickpeas is in its whole form for Wholesale or Retail Packaging.

We are a leading supplier of all Canadian chickpea varieties into the largest importing region in the world being the Indian Sub-continent. We offer straight cleaned as well as sortex cleaned and sized 8mm and 9mm chickpeas in our well-known international brands. We also service bulk Container customers.

North African region is the primary user of Chickpeas in the continent. These markets are accepting of both the small calibre and the large calibre chickpeas. The main usage of Chickpeas is in its whole form in a multitude of traditional food recipes.

Focusing on sized and higher end cleaned chickpeas, the primary usage in the EU is for Canning & Hummus Manufacturing. NCA with its 2-tier cleaning, Colour Sorting through HACCP & SQF partnering facilities is the Golden standard for Canadian chickpeas into EU Manufacturing.

Industry Affiliations